Out of nowhere VR headsets have become an essential gadget. Most people travel a lot and they need a good quality carrying bag or case which they can use to place their headset safely. The VR headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Go, Google’s Daydream, Samsung’s Gear VR or HTC’s Vive are all top of the line products in this category. But not all of them come with convenient carrying bags. Here we will explore how and which carrying bags and cases for virtual reality headsets protect our expensive gadgets.

To understand what you need in your carrying bags and cases for virtual reality headsets, you must know the different VR headsets.

1.     Oculus Go

Oculus Go has everything you need to immerse yourself in good quality VR technology. The headset comes with a controller that you can use while playing games and for other settings as well. The dimensions are 8.3-inch x 8.3-inch x 4.8-inch and it weighs around twelve and a half pound.

Carrying bags and cases for virtual reality headsets like Oculus Go definitely need a separate compartment for its controller. The VR headset carrying bag also needs to offer a good bit of protection with its foam walls to keep your gadget safe from any external impact.

2.     Sony PlayStation VR

The VR headset features 3D audio technology and offers a 110-degree field view. Its dimensions are 7.4-inch x 7.3-inch 10.9-inch and weigh 109.6 ounces. It also comes with a controller. Due to its delicacy, you will need a good quality and solid casing to protect it from accidental breakage.

3.     Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR provides you with an immersive experience that you look for when using VR technology. This headset also comes with a controller and dimensions of 8 x 9.5 x 4.2 (inches) with 26.4 ounces weight. Despite being a budget VR headset it still comes with its own controller and for this reason, you will need a carrying case that has a separate compartment for you to place your controller.

4.     Google Daydream

This VR headset from Google also comes with a controller that allows you to control your digital world as you experience it through your headset. The dimensions of this headset are 6.6 x 4.2 x 3.8 (inches) while it weighs just 16 ounces.

Again you will need a carrying case that comes with a separate compartment to place your controller. The bag or case itself must come with enough room for you to easily place your headset within the foam confined walls.

5.     HTC Vive

HTC Vive (VR headset) comes with two controllers for each hand. The dimensions of this VR headset are 18.4-inch x 13.1-inch x 9-inch and it weighs around 227 ounces. Now, this is a giant of VR headsets and due to the cutting edge technology used in the construction of this headset, it weighs a lot as compared to its archrivals.

Furthermore, this headset is quite expensive, therefore; you will need a good quality carrying bag that can offer an optimal level of protection. As this is a high-end device, your bag needs to come with extra layers of foam so that your gadget remains safe and secure in it.

What features your Carrying bags and cases for Virtual Reality Headsets should have?

Due to the fact that VR gadgets are relatively new and still evolving, there are only limited options available. So you have to do a lot of research before you buy something. Whether you are looking for a highly secure carrying case or bag for your VR headset or a budget-friendly option you must know what you are buying and how it will be useful for you.

  • It needs to be small enough for you to easily carry around and large enough for you to place your headset in it along with the accessories.
  • Your carrying case needs to take the weight of your gadget and protect it from water damage.
  • The bag needs to have enough cushioning to keep your VR headset safe even if you accidentally drop it.
  • You carrying bag or case need to have adequate storage capacity too. It primarily depends upon the size and shape of the VR headset that you own.
  • If your carrying case or bag comes with plenty of extra compartments then you will be able to place more of your stuff in it in addition to the headset and its accessories.
  • You must be able to access all the contents of your carrying bag with convenience.

Carrying bags and cases for Virtual Reality Headsets has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is imperative to take into account all the features that a purchase consideration has to offer. Closely looking at all the features will enable you to find out what it has to offer and whether you need it or not.